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  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month

    April 2016

    The Advocacy & Resource Center teamed up with Sheridan College to raise awareness on campus about sexual assault.

    A&RC participated in the Clothesline Project. It was a great way to raise awareness and involve students. A total of 52 shirts were made. Here are some of the designs and our advocates were there to guide and support survivors and students.




    Denim Day 2016

    In the 90′s, Supreme Court justices in Italy overturned a rape conviction and set a rapist free. They felt that since the victim of the rape had on tight jeans when she was assaulted she must have assisted the rapist therefore implying consent. Furious, Italian Parliament protested by wearing jeans the next day. Denim Day.
    Sheridan College hosted their own Denim Day and we were glad to be there—with full on denim!