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  • Sexual Assault

    Adult Sexual Assault

    Adult sexual assault is any unwanted sexual touch or comment, including sexual harassment, rape, oral sex, or name calling committed after the age of 18.

    Child Sexual Assault

    Child sexual assault is sexual harassment, rape, oral sex, exhibitionism, showing pornographic pictures or movies, forced voyeurism and sexual name calling.

    Symptoms of Sexual Abuse

    A victim of sexual assault is often left feeling a myriad of emotions, including but not limited to:

    • Shock, denial, or disbelief that it happened
    • shame, embarrassment or guilt
    • Anger, irritability or short tempered
    • Depression, sadness, e.g., easily moved to tears
    • Thoughts of suicide or wanting to get away from everything
    • Feeling a loss of control in their life
    • Loss of interest in friends; not wanting to socialize as much as before
    • Loss of trust in others or one’s own decision making
    • Difficulty concentrating; forgetting common things
    • Changes in sleeping patterns
    • Nightmares or flashbacks
    • Changes in appetite
    • Feeling insecure or uncertain about the future
    • Fears about being alone
    • Feeling on-guard, jumpy or easily startled
    • Feeling numb