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Did you know that most victims stay with their abusers because of lack of money and feeling like they have nowhere to go?


Even if they muster the courage to leave, they often return for the same reasons.


We’re here to make sure victims of abuse are supported financially and emotionally so they can walk away for good.


When victims take that first leap out of danger, they’re starting from scratch. The Center helps take care of the practical necessities they’ll need as they grow in self-sufficiency so that the fear of leaving is minimized.


The people we serve have often fled immediate violence and have left all personal belongings behind. Returning to gather those items can put them in danger.  Your financial contribution will give victims the safety net they deserve as they begin to build their new life. 


Donate online via the form below or mail a check to our office, whichever you’re most comfortable with.  We have suggested amounts that cover what we encounter most often, but you can select a custom amount as well.


All donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated!

Wondering what we encounter on a weekly basis?

Here are three of our most common scenarios.


Your gift makes these situations manageable and is greatly appreciated!

“Melissa” and her daughter come to the Center after Melissa is assaulted by her live-in partner.

She has no place to go.

She has found an affordable apartment but it won’t be available for 6 more days.

After safety planning with an advocate and choosing an option that works best for her and the child to secure their safety, she’ll need:

– Six nights of shelter (her new apartment won’t be ready until then) for her and one child: $600.00.
– Food, diapers and formula while in shelter until public assistance begins: $200.00.
– Minutes put on her phone so she can remain in touch with potential employers and resources: $50.00.
– Gas for her vehicle that is thankfully up to date with registration and insurance: $50.00.
Her deposit is the same as one month of rent and the total is $1200. Thankfully, a family member will provide half.  She still needs: $600.00.


TOTAL: $1500.00
With your help, the Center can offer financial support to help victims secure their safety. Financial worries are one of the main reasons victims stay in abusive relationships or decide to return.


A life of self-sustainability is possible with your help.

“Katie” comes into the Center. Her world has been turned upside-down.

She has just spent the last 2 days meeting with police officers, therapists and forensic detectives because her daughter, “Anna,” has disclosed that she had been sexually abused by a family member a few months ago.

This is every parents’ nightmare.

All of Anna’s bedding was taken in for evidence- even her favorite blanket and stuffed animal.

Katie has taken the last 2 days off work to ensure Anna’s safety but, unfortunately, does not have any PTO or flex leave at her place of employment.

Already on a tight budget, Katie knows missing those days of work will have a lasting impact on her finances.

After meeting with an advocate, Katie learns that she may qualify for Crime Victim Compensation. That program could pay her lost wages because of the crime. Anna would benefit too because victim compensation could help pay for counseling costs.

Crime Victim Compensation covers a few things, but Katie has unforeseen costs she still needs help with:

– Help paying her phone bill so she can remain in constant contact with the Center, law enforcement and other support agencies: $50.00
– Fuel for her car. Added trips to law enforcement, forensic interviews, and social agencies for support has been adding up and cutting into her monthly fuel budget: $50.00
– Although not an emergent need, the Center could use YOUR donations to purchase new bedding and a few stuffed animals for Anna. Her special belongings were taken and something cozy like this could make her feel valued and heard: $100.00
Other security measures to help Anna feel safe, such as an easy alarm for her door and windows. Though the threat is removed, this really helps her feel more safe and secure: $50.00


TOTAL: $250.00


Katie and her daughter deserve so much more, but your contribution is great start!

“Frank” is brought in by a close friend of his who works at the Senior Center.

Frank’s friend has been worried for a while now that his caregiver is stealing from him and verbally abusing him.

After talking all afternoon with his advocate, Frank discloses that he has checks missing from his checkbook and he’s afraid his caregiver will become physically abusive to him if he reports to this to the police.  

After creating a safety plan that works best for Frank, law enforcement meets with Frank at the Center.

After an investigation, Frank’s caregiver is arrested for fraud and theft.

Already on a limited income, Frank worries about how he will afford to change his locks in case his former caregiver copied keys and gave them to others. Frank is also worried about how he will get around town, now that he has no ride.

The Center will help Frank find resources in Sheridan County that provide long term solutions.

In the meantime, there are necessities that Frank will need like:

-Travel vouchers for senior transportation to the grocery store, etc.: $25.00 (10 trips)
-The locks changed on his doors: $75.00
-New bright lights installed above his doors: $100.00


TOTAL: $200.00

These are all items Frank could not get without your support!

Monetary Donations

Thanks so much for your support!

Listed below you’ll find the most common donation amounts and the types of services they cover.

Your donation of $25.00 will provide a victim and their family with help like:

– fuel so they can look for work or housing and get their kids to school/activities.
basic toiletries such as body soap, toothpaste/toothbrush, diapers and wipes.
a meal for a family in emergency shelter.



Your donation of $50.00 will provide a victim and their family with help like:

– A background/credit check for a victim to apply for new housing.
– Two days worth of groceries.
– One month of cell phone service (especially for safety purposes).
– One month of storage for personal belongings while in shelter.
– One day of child care for two children or to cover enrollment fees.
– A pair of work appropriate foot wear or clothing.



Your donation of $100.00 will provide a victim and their family with help like:

– One month of utilities.
– One night in emergency shelter.
– Service fees/processing on legal paper work filed by victim.
– Food, diapers, formula, hygiene items and basic household items.
– Vehicle insurance.



Your donation of $200.00 will provide a victim and their family with help like:

– Relocation expenses (bus ticket to safe place, moving truck, etc.).
– A portion of a security deposit on safe housing.
– A portion of a utility deposit when setting up a new household.

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We also collect physical items!


Having these items on hand really helps to fill immediate needs.

  • Most Needed Items

    • New full-sized toiletries
    • Household items such as cooking pans, cutlery, plates, glasses and bowls
    • Cleaning supplies like dish soap and laundry soap
    • Bedding- sheets, pillowcases and blankets
    • Bath Linens- towels and washcloths
    • Furniture- tables and chairs, small sofas, beds
    • Gift Cards for food, gas and household items are the most helpful for our clients. That way, they can shop on their own and choose items they need most.

The good people of Sheridan have donated LOTS of clothes, so we have plenty of clothing items right now.  The list above contains what our families need the most.


The Center is not able to pick up donation items. Donations can be delivered to the Center during office hours – Monday through Friday, 8am – 3pm. Please call the office at (307) 672-7471 before bringing donations to ensure we have adequate space. 


Staff is not available to take in donations after hours or on weekends so please do not leave them by doors in case they get damaged by weather or stolen.