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We love our Volunteers

Everyone deserves a life of choice, safety and freedom.


Our volunteers enable us to help the most vulnerable in our community- victims of violent crimes including domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, elder abuse and child abuse.


We exist to emotionally and physically empower people affected by these crimes while walking with them through the justice system.


There are a variety of ways you can support our mission- levels of commitment vary.


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Whether you have a few hours or a whole day, we’re thankful for your gift of time.

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Volunteering Opportunities

There are many ways to donate your time.


Simply click the sections below to learn more.

Crisis Line

Description: provide crisis intervention, emotional support, and safety planning to victims of violent crime via the 24 hr. ARC crisis line.



(1) be available to answer calls during hours that the Center is closed

(2) meet with victims when appropriate

(3) give information and options without judgment

(4) arrange for shelter, food and transportation

(5) meet ongoing training requirements.


Qualifications: Maintain confidentiality, track hours, and work alone.


Time Commitment: 1 – 7 Shifts a month; weeknights 5pm – 8 am, weekends 8am – 8am.



Complete 40-hr. Core Advocacy training (required by the State of Wyoming)

Pass a background check

Attend one monthly Sharing Session with all other volunteers (1hr.)

Court Watch

Description: Attend Sheridan County Circuit Court hearings and take notes on process, outcome, and observations. Deliver and debrief information with Volunteer Coordinator and staff.



(1) Gain information about cases/hearings for staff to share with victims

(2) Take diligent notes of criminal offense, intended plea, bond conditions, etc.

(3) Follow up with Volunteer Coordinator and/or other staff member immediately following court.


QualificationsLegible handwriting, ability to sit and listen for 1 -2 hours on wooden bench.


Time CommitmentCircuit Court has regularly scheduled hearings Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday starting at 2:00p.m. and lasting 1-2 hours. Volunteers choose what days they can attend. Debriefing will take a maximum of 30 minutes.



Complete 3-hr. training on confidentiality, Criminal Justice System, ARC services, and victim issues.

Pass a background check 

Donation Sorting

Description: Maintain donations received in the donation area. Donations make a tremendous difference for victims who have left their homes with only the clothes on their back.



(1) sort, arrange and store donations

(2) clean donation area

(3) redistribute inappropriate donations  

(4) maintain an up-to-date “needs list” of donation items.


Qualifications: Sorting used clothing with a desire to provide a respectful environment for victims.


Time Commitment: Flexible times during ARC office hours, M – F 8:00a.m. – 3:00p.m.


Requirements: Complete 2-hr. training on confidentiality, ARC services, and victim issues.

Support Group Co-facilitator

Description: The Center prefers to have two facilitators for a support group. Co-facilitators work together to bring support and creativity to the group process.



(1) listen and observe in an open, supportive way

(2) give information and options without judgment

(3) strong commitment to attend group sessions

(4) meet each week before and after group to debrief and plan group sessions with the co-facilitator

Qualifications: Ability to interact in a supportive non-judgmental fashion, knowledge of group dynamics and/or circle process would be very useful.


Time Commitment: Dependent on group times (estimate: 4 – 8 hrs. a month)


Complete 10-hr. training on confidentiality, victim issues, listening skills, group dynamics, and ARC services.

Pass a background check

Child Care Volunteer

Description: Child care for victims attending support groups. Victims can use the information and connections from support groups to change their lives, but often cannot attend because they don’t have the resources for child care if child care is not available. Child care volunteers make the opportunity for major changes possible.



(1) interact with children in a variety of age groups

(2) listen and observe in an open, supportive way

(3) play, read and watch children’s movies

(4) debrief with staff.


Qualifications: Ability to interact with children in a safe, supportive fashion, desire to be involved with children’s play, experience with children would be very helpful.


Time Commitment: Dependent on group times (estimate: 4 – 8 hrs. a month).



Complete 3-hr. training on confidentiality, victim issues, and ARC services

Pass a background check

Community Awareness

Description: Increase availability of ARC information for victims at safe locations; promote public education about the dynamics of victimization and options available in the community.



(1) distribute and maintain brochures at sites in the community

(2) contact and deliver information to businesses, offices and bulletin boards for special events

(3) track and record information about victim issues available at public and college library

(4) track dates and locations where information is displayed.


Qualifications: Reliable transportation, ability to approach business and library staff in a friendly, confident manner to request displaying information and discuss information and disbursement options. Creativity and eagerness to interact in public is very much preferred.


Time Commitment: Very flexible hours during usual business, office, library hrs, etc.


Requirements: Complete 2-hr. training on confidentiality, ARC services and victim issues.

Yard & Building Maintenance

Description: Maintain the appearance of the Center by helping to create a respectful environment for all who use the Center as well as a place that facilitates a sense of well-being.



(1) weed & trim

(2) remove litter

(3) clean rain gutters

(4) clean siding

(5) change furnace filters

(6) sweep sidewalks or shovel snow, etc.


Qualifications: Ability to do physical labor, work outdoors, interest or knowledge in plants is helpful.


Time Commitment: Very flexible, volunteer can arrange schedule that suits their needs.


Requirements: Complete 2-hr. training on confidentiality, ARC services, and victim issues.